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--What is a Run and Gun?


A Run and Gun is a competitive shooting competition. It involves a five mile or longer walk/run and five or more shooting stages. Run and Gun competitions are a lot like an Olympic Biathlon, without skiing. The competition tests both shooting ability and physical fitness. Competitors come from all backgrounds and skill levels. A person does not need to be a professional shooter before competing. It is a good idea to have a solid knowledge of gun safety before signing up for an event.


--What distances do Run and Guns usually cover?


A typical Run and Gun usually covers about 5 miles. Distances can vary anywhere from 3 miles to 15 miles.


--Do I have to qualify before I sign up?


There is no qualifying necessary to compete in a Run and Gun. The exception to this is a Championship event. You need to be familiar with your weapons and handling them safely.


--What do I need to bring to a Run and Gun?


Run and Guns are a two-gun event. The gear you need to compete is as follows:

  • A rifle in a caliber between .223 and .308

  • A 9mm pistol or larger

  • Ammunition equal to at least twice the minimum round count

  • A pistol holster with retention that covers the trigger guard

  • A rifle sling

  • Magazine holders

  • A good pair of running or trail shoes

Optional Equipment


  • Water carrier such as a Camelbak

  • MOLLE chest rig

  • Battle Belt

  • Rifle cleaning rod - optional but recommended


--If the event is far from my house what are my options for lodging?


Lodging options differ on an event by event basis. Check with the event website to see what options are available. If onsite camping is not an option, there are always State Parks and hotels.


--How many people usually compete?


A typical Run and Gun has around 100 competitors per day.


--How do you get your score at the end?


Each event has their own scoring procedures. Most Run and Guns have a ceremony and trophies at the end. The scores are posted online a day or two after the event is complete.


--Are there prizes in Run and Gun?


Some Run and Guns have a prize table and some do not. There are trophies given to the top 3 competitors at most events.

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