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2019 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series and Championship

Welcome to the 2019 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series and Championship

The Details

  • 5 Events and a Championship 

  • Compete in 3 Series events or place in the top 5 of any 1

  • Receive an invitation to compete in the Championship via email

  • Sign up for the Championship 

  • Become the 2019 Run and Gun Series Champion

Series Events


  • 2018 Lone Star Armory Opener:                       March 16-17,2019                                                                          

  • WTF Biathlon - Spring                    April 13-14, 2019           

  • Lone Star Armory May Run and Gun: May 18-19, 2019

  • Fall WTF Run and Gun Biathlon: October 12-13, 2019






2019 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Championship

December 7, 2019

Important Information

  • The events included in the Series are not necessarily organized by the same event Organizers and therefore may have slightly different rules and procedures. Please make sure you are familiar with the policies and procedures of each event you attend prior to arriving.

  • Competitor’s scores in Series events will have no bearing on scoring for the Championship. Each competitor will enter the Championship with a clean slate and will be scored based on their Championship performance.

  • Anyone who is a staff member of USRGA or assisted with the design and setup of the Championship course are not eligible to compete in the Championship.

  • Any competitor who is disqualified from a Series event due to major safety violations or arguing with a Range Officer will not receive an invitation to the Championship. Be safe and be nice, folks!

For any further questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer at jennifer@texasrunandgun.org.

Qualify for  Championship


Competitors can qualify for an invitation to the Championship in two ways:

  1. Finish in the top 5 competitors in any Series event, and/or

  2. Compete in three Series events and finish in the top 60 of all competitors.

Competitors who qualify for an invitation to the Championship will be notified by email no later than 8 weeks prior to the Championship.If you are competing to enter the Championship or have already qualified, please register with this site and make sure that your registered emial is up-to-date. We are not responsible for out-of-date contact information.