Texas Run and Gun is a partnership between several Run and Gun Organizations in Texas and beyond. Our goal is to be a resource to anyone needing information about competing in Run and Gun competitions and/or looking for upcoming events. Please take a moment to look around the website. We welcome all questions and comments. Thanks for visiting!


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Texas Run and Gun is an association of Run and Gun enthusiast who strive to support, promote, and protect the sport. Run and Gun is a relatively new and exciting two gun competition that requires both proficiency in shooting and physical fitness. The unique and challenging aspects of Run and Gun attract competitors from a variety of backgrounds, not limited to shooting. Many newcomers to Run and Gun come from running and biking sports and many people are new to athletic competitions altogether. 


Due to the sudden increase in interest in Run and Gun competition, there needs to be a one-stop resource where both newcomers and veterans are able to find events and the other information they are looking for. The people involved in Texas Run and Gun realized there was a need to make the information you are looking for accessible and easy to find. Please let us know if you have any questions or there is information that is missing from this site. We welcome everyone to come out and see what makes Run and Gun so great. It's sure to become your new addiction. 



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Texas Run and Gun is hosting the first-ever Run and Gun Series and Championship in 2018. The 2018 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series and Championship is well underway and has already been a huge success. Please visit the Series and Championship page for further information. The Championship is scheduled for January 26, 2019, in Glenrose, TX and will be one of the few spectator friendly Run and Gun events. If you are interested in seeing a Run and Gun competition first-hand, this will be your best opportunity.  Please join the mailing list to be the first to know as further information about the Championship is released.